Month: July 2018

The Games that Guide Us – Impostor Syndrome

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before. You’ve just started a new job, and it seems like all your training and schooling that you may have gone through before didn’t quite prepare you for the specific expectations that you are faced with in this new environment. Perhaps you’ve been working somewhere for awhile and either a new project or a new set of responsibilities makes you think that you really don’t have it quite as together as others think that you do. Perhaps you’ve felt like each test or trial that you go through in your life is accomplished through good luck, like you’ve managed to roll a natural 20 every time that it’s mattered. Whichever of these sorts of situations applies to you, there is something in common: the feeling that at some point, someone is going to figure out that you are not the person you’ve advertised yourself to be and that you really aren’t qualified to be doing the thing that you’re doing.

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Opening Turn Podcast – Episode 4: He Who Playtests His Own Game Has A Fool For A GM

Hey everyone! Here is the (slightly late) episode 4 of the Opening Turn podcast!

This is the fourth in a five (or more!) episode series over live-action roleplaying. Here, Riley Seaman and I talk about various game mechanics and how they support the overall feel of the game and the environment that the players are interacting with. We talk about existing game mechanics, levels of player interaction with the environment, safety, and, as always, making sure the players are having a good experience.

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