Opening Turn Podcast – Episode 2: Cow Tools

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Hey everyone! Time for Opening Turn Podcast Episode 2: Cow Tools!

This is also the second episode in a series that my PAX South co-panelist, Riley Seaman, and I recorded regarding the ins and outs of getting started in Live Action Roleplaying. This episode focuses a bit more on generalized roleplaying and plotwriting concepts such as how to craft memorable characters, how to scope your characters for the world they exist in, what your actual real-world limitations will do to affect your characters, and how to craft a plot that your players will be engaged in.

Direct Download Link

As always, we touch on a lot of different topics, so even if you aren’t into LARP or tabletop roleplaying, there’s a lot we say in here about worldbuidling and plot crafting that applies to gaming and writing of all sorts.

I hope you all enjoy!

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