Opening Turn — Sentinels of the Multiverse

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Sentinels -- Title

Super heroes against dastardly villains? That’s pretty much a resounding ‘I’m in’, from a whole lot of people. Sentinels of the Multiverse is a wildly popular tabletop card game that has gotten so much traction in the gaming world, that it had successful Kickstarter to bring it to the digital stage. Greater than Games, in collaboration with Handelabra Games, has made this a reality. Available for Android, iOS, and PC via Steam, this game is one with high expectations from a rabid fan base.

Sentinels of the Multiverse is a cooperative game in any iteration, and on mobile device, it can be played through ‘pass and play’ to continue that legacy. Want to fly solo? No problem, as all you have to do is hang on to your tablet to make that a reality.

Sentinels of the Multiverse is set in a fictional comic book world (wherein the flavor texts mimic ‘scenes’ from the books that these characters are supposedly from). The art style is familiar to anyone familiar with the quintessential style. There are three different types of decks: Hero, Villain, and Environment. Each of these tropes is unique, with their own play styles and abilities, leading to many playing options and replayability. For those who have played the tabletop game, note that as of right now, the available characters and environments are limited to the original game only. It is interesting to point out that several cards do have variants (the promo versions!) that are locked as you start the game. We have to be very clever players to figure out how to unlock these cards.

Sentinels -- Selection Screen

Heroes: You have a selection of ten heroes, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. As this is a team of heroes, you may choose three to five of them to fight against the villain. This is your chance to forge a team that covers each other’s weaknesses and will be effective against your villain and environment combo. Each hero has its own set of hitpoints and innate power.

Villains: Choose from four fiendish villains, each with their own agenda and way of trying to rule the world. From mad scientist, to warlord, to cult leader, to evil robot–these villains bring their own play style and flair to the game. Choose carefully, or you will find yourself defeated!

Environments: There are also four environments to choose from. These provide the backdrop for your fights, and have their own perils to navigate and circumvent. The environment is always dangerous, and it is your job to make sure it isn’t deadly.

The whole world of comics awaits on your digital device!
The whole world of comics awaits on your digital device!

It’s uncanny how much the digital game plays like the tabletop version, which is good for the fan base that wanted a mobile version. So what exactly is new? The answer to this is the art and playtime, primarily. While there is plenty of familiar artwork, courtesy of the many cards that tabletop players have learned to love, there is rich new art with deep textures and vibrant hues to help immerse the player in the game. Heroes and villains alike have artwork for when they are feeling tough and strong, and when they are vulnerable and close to being incapacitated. The environment does become the backdrop of the game, which provides a lovely layer of detail. In a nod to the comic book feel, there is a page turn for each turn among the heroes, villain, and the environment. The other major improvement is the speed of the game, due to the fact that there is now a computer handling all of the status modifiers and damage counters for targets. This does improve the flow of the game, cutting the average playtime from 45 minutes to 30, in my experience.

Sentinels of the Multiverse is a true rendition of the tabletop game, and manages to be engaging and fun for veterans and newcomers alike. Give it a go!

Sentinels -- App

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