Things That Make Me Happy: September 2014 Edition

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I’m sure that anyone who reads this site, other sites, or has been on the internet at all in the past few days knows that there have been some pretty negative things that have been happening in the video game industry. I feel like there have been a great many other people who have been a great deal more personally affected by these things than I have been, and those people do a much better job of addressing the situation than I ever could.

So, I’m going to do the only thing I feel that I can do. I would like to list, briefly and in no particular order, the things related to video games that have made me and others happy, and which I think are positive things happening in the industry right now. Some of these things involve games I intend on reviewing at some point, and some of them are just observations I’ve made in the past month-ish.

  • Child of Light is one of the best experiences I have had recently. It is adorable, whimsical, has a distinctive art style and wonderful music, and is just a delight to play.
  • Final Fantasy XIV remains a great example of something starting out as a complete failure and being transformed into a pretty darned good experience through sheer force of will.
  • Board games continue to experience a resurgence in interest that makes me extremely happy. I’ve always had a special love for board games, and I would say that the availability of innovative board games by independent designers is one of the positives to crowdfunding.
  • I had the experience of attending Orlando Nerd Fest a few weeks ago. Events like this are wonderful ways that people can showcase different interpretations of the things that they love, the things that have emotionally impacted them at various points in their lives.
  • On that note, if video games and the technology that runs them didn’t exist, we would miss out on a whole bunch of talented people getting to do what they love in very creative ways.
  • Also on that note, the music of video games will always be a positive, uplifting force in my life. Hearing a cover of this song right here made me quite happy because the Xenogears soundtrack was one of the things that my wife and I bonded over when we were first becoming friends.
  • I have a friend who I live a fair distance away from now. Occasionally, when we see each other, we’ll play Tales of Symphonia together and it will be like ten years haven’t gone by since we played through it together the first time.
  • Danganronpa is a sort of greatest-hits style mashup of three of my favorite games in existence, and it’s the kind of insane that is both delightful and creepifyingly horrific. It’s probably one of the three best reasons to own a Vita.
  • There are and always will be people who do stand up for what is good and right in the world because that’s what they learned from the heroes they read about in books and comics and played as in video games.

Again, this is not a complete list but I think it represents a good cross section of things that are important and uplifting to me. I try to write about positive things as much as possible, and while there is a lot of negativity going around right now, there are definitely positives, too.

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