Month: May 2014

Better Late than Never: Quest for Glory

7098_boxshot_Quest for Glory 1

Nostalgia is a tricky thing. Sometimes, it makes a person want to dive into the games that evoke their strongest memories of the past over and over again. It’s this type of nostalgia that makes me play through pretty much every version of old Final Fantasy games that gets released. There’s another kind of nostalgia, though: the kind that makes a person want to keep the memory of a thing as the best possible version of that thing that could exist. It’s this kind of nostalgia that ensures that I won’t ever read Dune more than once, or listen to very much music from the 1980’s again, or, I thought, play through Quest for Glory again.

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On Anxiety, Control, and Video Games

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There is a piece of advice that anyone who writes anything for the internet is given, at least once and usually multiple times: ‘Don’t post anything personal, they’ll eat you alive if you do’. And, thus far, with very few exceptions, I’ve stuck to that. I keep my personal stuff more or less offline, mostly because I don’t want to risk over-sharing. However, this time, I’m going to break that rule just a little bit so that I can talk, briefly, about my experiences with video games and anxiety disorder.

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