Month: July 2013

Opening Turn: Shadowrun Returns


Shadowrun Returns is one of Kickstarter’s earliest major success stories. Its funding happened during the time immediately after Double Fine seemingly opened the floodgates of people willing to throw down money for the kind of games that they wanted to play, and as a result, ‘cutting out the ¬†middleman’ became the cool thing to do. Shortly after that, though, was when people realized that the intersection of people who want to self-publish and the people with good project management skills is very, very small. Luckily, the folks behind Shadowrun actually know how to deliver a finished product (after a few twists and turns along the way).

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Better Late than Never: Suikoden II


As you may or may not know, I’ve been on a writing hiatus for a few months in order to focus on some other things and to catch up on some games that I’ve wanted to play but haven’t gotten around to. Since one of those games was Suikoden II, which falls into the category of ‘one of the most under-appreciated games of all time’, naturally I figured I’d give the game its due. I figured this wouldn’t be an easy one to write about, since I went into this with even more hype and expectation than I did the original, and, while the original was definitely not a bad game, I think that the expectations I had surrounding it definitely did the game a disservice in my eyes.

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