Month: January 2013

Opening Turn: FTL – Faster Than Light


I had every intention of starting Dishonored this week. I really did. And, to be fair, I did start it, except that an unfortunate quirk in my living room arrangement kept me from getting that far in it (windows + TV + game with dark color palette = NO).  So in the meantime I decided to try out a few games that I had acquired during the Steam Winter Sale, and the one that really stuck with me was this one, FTL. I’d heard about it before, but I will admit I was really going into the game blind. I didn’t know what to expect, really, and I will admit I was quite surprised by what it ended up being.

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Opening Turn: Celestial Mechanica


With the release of the Free Bundle, which vows to deliver TRUE INDIE content to the masses, we at Attack Initiative have taken it upon ourselves to sample this content and write some things about it. I decided that for my part, I would play a bit of Celestial Mechanica and contribute my thoughts on it. I will admit that I MAY have been drawn to it, in part, by the presence of the wonderful and talented Laura Shigihara in the trailer. So what did I think about the rest of the game? Well, I’ll tell you. As is my custom with short indie games, apparently, this might be a bit shorter than normal, but do not let that lead you to believe that the game itself is not worth playing! Continue reading “Opening Turn: Celestial Mechanica”

Persona 4 Golden: A Love Letter to Fans


Persona 4 Golden was one of those games that kind of came out of nowhere. Sure, it wasn’t as left-field as the very awesome Persona 4 Arena, but it certainly wasn’t expected. Especially because, if I remember right, Team Persona had gone on record as saying that there would not be multiple version of Persona 4 like there were with it’s predecessor. Well, if there’s one thing about the future, it’s that it makes a liar out of each and every one of us (because believe me, the future is kind of a jerk). Continue reading “Persona 4 Golden: A Love Letter to Fans”

Portal: A Retrospective


Now, everyone who knows me knows that I absolutely love me some Portal. And why not? It definitely has secured itself squarely in the ranks of the Greatest Games of All Time. In fact, I could just sit here and say “Portal is one of the greatest games of all time” and leave it at that, and would hear absolutely no arguments from anyone.

Except I’m not going to do that.

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