Month: November 2012



Hello, my name is Greg. I am an engineer, an internet blogger, and a video game and music aficionado. I will be one of the people placing words on this website for all those who care to read them. I’m going to keep this one short, because it really only serves to elaborate on my own motivations, and because I realize that people might not care so much /why/ I write as long as I continue informing and entertaining you. And since I only do that sporadically anyway, it means that your curiosity is probably just as sporadic. Anyway. This is Why I Write.

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Opening Turn: Assassin’s Creed III


Reviewing the latest entry in an ongoing series is hard. One reason for this is that by the time you stick the number ‘3’ at the end of a game’s title, most people will have already decided whether they like the series or hate it, so you’re not really saying anything new to anyone. Either they’ll continue to like the series, or continue to hate it, and most of the time this opinion does not really change. Another reason for this is that usually the series itself doesn’t change all that much. Sure, there might be minor improvements or changes, but when people come to expect something from a series, well, the boat tends to not be rocked all that much. However, perhaps that means that reviewing the latest entry in a series is just as important. At least, I tend to think it is, because I really want to make sure that Johnny Job and Christina Career (remember them?) know what they’re getting into, whether they start a series from the beginning, or just sort of pop in right in the middle (I know there are people who do that. It bugs me to death). And that, friends, brings me to my initial impressions of Assassin’s Creed III.

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