Month: June 2012

Opening Turn: Magic: the Gathering: Duels of the Plainswalkers 2013


Yes, that is probably the most blatant overuse of colons in the title of an article that I’ve seen in quite awhile. Anyway, I promised two blog posts this weekend, and here I am, delivering on that promise. Mostly because I’ve actually played two games this week, and /can/ deliver on that promise. But first, this one needs a bit of foreword regarding the author’s previous experience with Magic: the Gathering. I started playing it pretty much at the beginning (though not the /actual/ beginning. Roughly 4th edition or so), when I could talk my parents into buying me booster packs. I played it off and on through grade school and middle school, then a little in high school, and then off and on in college because it was something that pretty much everyone had played at least one game of at one point or another. I never did competitive play, but my skill level has progressed a little past ‘casual player’. So, I picked up the ‘Duels of the Plainswalkers’ games to fulfill the urge to play some casual Magic without having to purchase cards, and to be able to play against a computer controlled AI. That being said, how has it measured up so far?

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Opening Turn: Civilization V: Gods and Kings


So, it’s something I don’t really do that often, but this time I’m going to be reviewing an expansion pack. Granted, in the process I’ll also be giving my thoughts related to the main game a bit, but I’ll try to keep it focused on the things that are new and different from the original release of Civilization V. Which is, in itself, a pretty good (though not the best) iteration of one of the greatest game series ever made. So how does it improve upon Civ 5? Does it improve at all? Well…
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Opening Turn: Alan Wake’s American Nightmare


Today on Opening Turn, a game that I’d actually been looking forward to for awhile: Alan Wake’s American Nightmare. See, I absolutely loved Alan Wake, a game that may not have been the best or most original game on the face of the planet, but because when it did something well, it absolutely /shined/. It was an odd duck of a game, too. It wasn’t exactly an action game, because Alan Wake isn’t an action hero. He’s a writer. It was a little bit like a Silent Hill game, only instead of being a psychological gorefest, they removed a lot of the actual gore and gave it some heaping bowlfuls of abstract psychology (“It’s not a lake, it’s an ocean”. If anyone can tell me what that means, I will be eternally grateful). So, how does American Nightmare stand up? Well:
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Better Late Than Never: Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor 2


So, I’ve been in this mood lately where I’ve been more likely to want to actually /play/ games than to /write/ about games. Which is why I haven’t really written a whole lot lately. The upside to that is that I’ve actually been able to finish a game or two in the past couple weeks. In keeping with the theme of me being a pretty busy person, I probably won’t be reviewing all that many games that have just come out (though really, have there /been/ that many games released in the past couple weeks?). Therefore, most of my actual reviews on games I’ve played to completion will get the title of ‘Better Late Than Never’, because I’ll be reviewing them anywhere from weeks to years after they first hit the market.

Thankfully, in the case of Devil Survivor 2, it’s only been two or three months, and it’s taken that long because there’s a lot of content. And I’m a perfectionist.
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